Scoop the dog poop! Inventor converts dog waste into electricity

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A British inventor has found a way to turn dog waste into a useful tool to help the environment.

Brian Harper has spent years picking up dog waste left behind near his home in the English countryside.

"I collected in the region of about 100 pounds weight of dog poo," says Harper.

He was sick of seeing dog messes littering the ground or in tied bags hanging from trees, so after months of experimenting, the 66-year-old engineer created a street lamp that is powered by the bio-gas from dog waste.

"The aim here isn't to produce masses of bio-gas," Harper said. "The aim is to produce a solution to the dog poo problem."

Harper now offers dog walkers paper bags for scooping and asks that they deposit into his biodigester to keep the electricity going.

"It's satisfying because it's not going into landfill or an incinerator," says Johnny Birks, a dog walker.

Harper says about ten bags of dog waste from a medium-sized dog can produce approximately two hours of light in his street lamp.

He said if people just took the time to scoop, it could brighten their day.

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