New in the CLE: Gas and car tune-up delivery service

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Do you hate stopping at gas stations to fill up your car? If you said yes, now there's an app for that.

The Yoshi mobile app launches Tuesday in Cleveland. It brings the gas station right to your work or your house.

Whether you need a quick fill up for your tank, air in your tires, an oil change or a car wash, those services can be delivered right to your home or place of work.

"No one really likes stopping for gas and so while your car is parked at work all day, we come by, fill it up and do anything else it needs too," says Yoshi CEO and Northeast Ohio native Nick Alexander.

How it works: You register your vehicle through the Yoshi app and explain where you park during the day. Then, you select the services you would like.

"You put in your address. You can drop a pin exactly where you park. From that point on, our goal is that you set it and forget it. You don't need to do much more," says Alexander.

How much does it cost: An a la cart, one-time service starts at $7. Otherwise, membership is $20 a month and that includes weekly service. Then, you pay for your gas or other services. Gas prices are synced with AAA local averages on a daily basis.

"Oil change, car wash, it would be competitive with what you'd normally pay at a shop around here," says Alexander.

Yoshi is already offered in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. But launching now in Cleveland is extra special to Alexander since he grew up here.

"It's exciting. We think it's going to do well here in Cleveland. Ever since we started, my friends, people who live back here are like, 'Bring it to Cleveland.'"

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