You could soon travel from Cleveland to Chicago in less than 30 minutes

You could soon travel from Cleveland to Chicago in less than 30 minutes
(Source: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Imagine traveling from Cleveland to Chicago on the ground at speeds reaching 700 miles per hour.

That's a dream one company is hoping to make reality.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is proposing a magnet-driven train that would take you from Cleveland to Chicago in 28 minutes.

"Today represents the beginning of what some are referring to as the fifth form of transportation," said Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACCA) Executive Director, Grace Gulluci during a press conference Monday morning at Great Lakes Science Center.

"What we embark upon today may be the most transformational initiative that I've ever witnessed."

It's called Hyperloop travel, and soon you could be the first to see this new method of moving across the United States.

"To build dreams, you go to cities unafraid of work and people are known for making things," said the narrator of a video showcases the new mode of transportation.

Powered by mainly Solar Energy and magnets, these underground pods would travel up to speeds of 700 miles an hour. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is teaming up with NOACCA to hopefully connect the first Hyperloop from Cleveland to Chicago, ride that would only take a little under 30 minutes.

"We do it cost effectively. We have a tremendous amount of work ethic and really strong resources," said Ohio State University Professor, John Horack.

NOACCA, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies and even the Illinois Department of transportation are planning to spend millions in the countries first feasible study to see how well the Hyperloop would work. But they're also getting some assistance from local organizations.

"The Cleveland Foundation has awarded NOACA a grant in the amount of $200,000 to partner on this Hyperloop venture," said Galluci.

But no matter the outcome, it's still an exciting time to be alive.

"Technologies like the Hyperloop can take our over-stressed infrastructure through the 21st century and beyond," concluded Galluci.

Now once again, no major plans have been made to officially start building the Hyperloop.

Developers are only in the research stage of the project.

We'll of course keep you updated on any major changes.

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