Controversial speed camera taken down in Linndale: Will they stay down?

LINNDALE, OH (WOIO) - Could it be that the annoying speed cameras used by the Village of Linndale will disappear?

Social media sites were the first to take note of something unusual.

Workers in a lift bucket taking down one of Linndale's two speed cameras.  Reddit boasted "Photographic evidence of the Linndale speed camera being removed. It's gone."

That started the comments, one read, "Can't wait to see what new scam they come up with."  Another guessed, "they'll stick a cop right in the old Burger King parking lot like the old days."

At the site today workers were there with all kinds of equipment and wiring, up high working on the camera poles in the lift buckets.

One came down, so we asked "You guys putting up a new camera?"  The worker answered "Yep."

The workers answer dashed the hopes and dreams of many drivers.

At the Linndale Police station the chief confirmed the camera indeed is being replaced. It appears that a new contract was negotiated with the camera company. A company that shares in the revenue generated by the cameras.

So will these be more sensitive?  When asked "How's the technology, you can talk about that, it is improved on these cameras?"

He answered "I can't talk on behalf of the company."

Former Linndale Councilman Tyler Newark said the camera switch is because the village got a better deal from a new company.

So for now the camera watching Memphis Avenue from Brooklyn into Linndale is not working.

It is hard to tell if the camera on the other side of the road is working.

Since the violations have to be witnessed by an officer we tried to ask at the guard shack where they sit.  No one answered.

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