Jackson Township school board, public carving path forward after school shooting

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Last Tuesday, a student was found dead inside the same building where parents met on Tuesday.

The middle schooler, a 13-year-old according to police, shot himself in the boy's bathroom. Jackson Memorial Middle School and the high school were placed on lockdown.

Now, the district is reviewing themselves and getting input from parents.

One parent told said, "I think they have the mitigating the situation down, but they don't have the aftermath cleaned up. That's the part that really needs work."

Many parents said it took too long for the school to notify them that they were on a lockdown. The district responded by saying that's how long their system needs to update the information. They asked if perhaps they can look into putting the info on Twitter too.

Superintendent Joe Chaddock said schools and parents need to work together. The cyber world is damaging our kids.

"You need to know what your kids are doing on social media," said Chaddock. He adds it has a hold on so many of our youth.

He also recommended to parents with guns, make sure they are secure and out of the reach of children.

Then the talk turned to metal detectors. The school currently has none. The questions of how the boy got a gun in the school, the specifics of his death and the investigation all remained unanswered.

For one mother, she understood.

"I think that they completely answered all the questions parents had within reason without going in deep in the security for students," she said.

One thing for sure was evident; teachers were all willing to put themselves in harm's way for their kids.

Another parent gave the teachers this shout-out: "The one thing that touched my heart was my daughters constantly saying what the teachers did for them."

Teachers were grabbing kids from the halls and securing them in classrooms. A banner thanking those teachers now hangs in the gymnasium.

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