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Fake news: The Onion's fake headline about Cleveland's sewer system is actually true

(Source: NEORSD/Google Maps) (Source: NEORSD/Google Maps)

The Onion, a website known for writing satirical and comical news stories and headlines, recently published a parody article with the headline "Cleveland Finishes Construction On New Elevated Sewer System."

The Onion takes another 'crappy' swipe at Cleveland

Their original post to Facebook attracted hundreds of comments bashing the city of Cleveland, but little does The Onion know, Cleveland actually has an elevated sewer system.

According to the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland's primary wastewater treatment utility provider, Cleveland has two elevated sewers sitting in plain sight above the Cuyahoga River.

The Southwest and Big Creek elevated systems are not “open-air” as described by The Onion, but there is some truth to the fake news article.

“Most sewers rely on gravity for the movement of flows,” says NEORSD Manager of Sewer System Maintenance and Operation Mike Zapior. “If these two sewers remained underground and under the river, pumping stations would be needed to move the flows back up the hillside.”

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