At NFL Combine, Cleveland Browns coach says he'll keep promise to jump in Lake Erie (video)

Indianapolis, IN - Aside from the walleye report for Lake Erie, the most talked about creature in the lake maybe when Cleveland Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson plans to keep his word and jump in Lake Erie.

When the Browns finished 1-15 in the 2016-17 season, Jackson probably felt pretty confident pledging to jump in the lake if the Browns finished 1-15 again in the next season.

Cleveland fans know this ending to this story as the team did even worse finishing 0-16 this past season.

So where is Jackson's swimsuit?

Fans on social media keep calling for it:

Today in Indianapolis at the NFL Combine reporters got another chance to press the coach to see when this will happen.

"Ohh I'm going in. When, everybody wants to know when. I'm going to plan that here pretty soon," Jackson said. "I am definitely jumping in the lake that's not going to change."

Coach Jackson might be making the right play call on this.

The current temperature of the lake in Cleveland right now is about 34 degrees. The longer he waits the warmer it will get.

If he can find away to push this to late April, or early May, the temp is usually a balmy 50 degrees.

Jackson says he'd like to tie the event into his charity, the Hue Jackson Foundation, that fights human trafficking, but admits the chill dip may help the Browns too.

"It's going to be a cleansing of the Cleveland Browns, that's what it will be," Jackson said.

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