Northeast Ohio potholes busting up drivers' commutes

(Source: WOIO)
(Source: WOIO)

DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The loud whiz of a mechanic's impact gun, used to remove tires and rims, is being heard a lot more these days by drivers who hit one of the many potholes covering the streets and roads of Northeast Ohio.

"Lots of blown out tires, lots of bent rims, a lot of suspension components that are getting damaged," said Mike Bly, owner of the Conrad's location in downtown Cleveland.

The driver of a red Mazda, sitting in the downtown Conrad's shop, with two of it four tires flat, has to deal with two of the three aforementioned problems.

"The gentleman was on the freeway damaged both right side tires. Both rims are $400 apiece and he's $300 in tires," said Bly.

Most pothole blowouts cost motorists anywhere from $200 to $800.

"This winter hasn't even been that bad, but the roads seem to be 10 times worse than they were last year. In the last two weeks, me myself, probably seen 15 cars come in with damage, not to mention the other five guys who work here who also talk to people," he said.

Vince Stropko works for AAA. He says they're seeing at least a 10 percent bump in calls for flats on both the highways and city streets.

"It's really a good mixture. I see it typically more on city streets as opposed to the interstates," said Bly.

Emmett Saunders says he's calling the city today about potholes at Hough Avenue and Ansel Road. They're on both sides of the intersection.  It's so bad drivers have a hard time avoiding the craters littering the street.

"Especially on the 101st side there's nothing but big potholes headed south toward Cleveland Clinic toward Chester," he said.

There's another problem many may not think about, but need to be aware of: road debris that pops up and damages your vehicle.

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