Cleveland firefighters carrying new tool that could save countless lives

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The Cleveland Fire Department is taking measures to save more lives.

The city announced today that all firefighters will carry a new tool that could make all the difference: miniature carbon monoxide detectors.

Chief Angelo Calvillo says they go to about 60,000 first responder calls a year, and now, they'll bring mini COs with them and do tests.

In the last few weeks, he says, the detectors have already saved lives on several calls.

"There was a high, high level, dangerous level of carbon monoxide and he actually saw the reading and made sure everyone got out of that building, civilians and the firefighters to protect them and he got the gas company out to mitigate the situation," said Calvillo.

The fire chief says if you suspect there's carbon monoxide in your home, contact your local fire department for a service call and they'll come out and do a test.

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