Woman commits carjacking as her children watch

ASHLAND COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - Police agencies in four counties are searching for a woman accused of violent thefts and carjackings against elderly women.

Ashland Sheriff, Lt. Scott Smart, is just one detective tracking the woman.

He described her as "bold, very dangerous and very brazen."

Her crimes stretch from Canton and Mansfield, to Ashland to Columbus.

In a surveillance video from Mansfield, she asks a woman for directions, then closes in.

In a flash, the suspect grabs her purse.

As the suspect tries to get away, the victim grabs onto her car door and crashes to the ground.

Mansfield Sgt. Matt Loughman described the video: "She was thrown from the car. The car took off, it came very close to actually running her over."

There are surveillance pictures of the woman from Ashland. The car was stolen in Canton and later found in Columbus.

"What makes it very significant for us is she does the same thing in Mansfield as she does here.  She attacks an elderly lady robs her, takes her purse," said Lt. Smart.

In Ashland, she took a woman's purse and car.

One witness says there was a toddler in the suspect's arms during one of the robberies.

Lt. Smart confirmed it: "There's between three and four children in the vehicle, one of which is a baby, an infant. While she's assaulting people. While she's committing these crimes she's got the kids in the car with her."

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