Officials looking at different ways to prevent another riot at Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It's been nearly two months since the riot at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.

"Every day we are still at risk," Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael O'Malley said.

Dozens of police, sheriff's deputies, and even the SWAT team stood guard at the juvenile detention center on Jan. 8.

Inside six teens caused $200,000 worth of damage.

O'Malley says he would like the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department to step in to watch over the juveniles.

"The situation over there is very dangerous. I'm hoping they are taking the necessary steps to eliminate any potential problem," O'Malley said.

Juvenile Court Judge Denise Rini said they have taken some steps to enhance safety, more needs to be done. 

"We have 180 capacity youth, sometimes we have only staffing for 120 or 140 youth. That stretches everyone really thin," she explained.

Rini adds the officers have to deal with juveniles who are unruly at times, hitting or spitting on officers.  They also are required to work a lot of overtime.

"One of the biggest challenges we have is if you are working and 8-hour shift, and someone calls off, it is mandatory that you stay. Someone might work a 16-hour shift," Rini said.

Detention center superintendent Karmin Bryant retired shortly after the riot. Rini said they are looking to hire a new administrator who can better train new staff and help the youth get the help they need.

"We are looking to get a new executive in there to put in the programming-the medical care they need, the psychological, the schooling," Rini said.

The juvenile court judges meet Friday to talk about what initiatives they will implement to prevent another riot.

The group of teens involved in the riot at the juvenile detention center will be back in court in the middle of March.

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