Cleveland Public Power in need of serious wake-up call after costly missteps (Editorial)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We all know that getting plenty of sleep is a prescription for good health.

But sleeping on the job? That could get you fired.

That's what happened last year to a trio of Cleveland Public Power tree trimmers -- routinely caught by Carl Monday and his crew -- napping on city time.

But guess what: all three workers are back on the job. Even though they admitted to breaking the city's work rules, an arbitrator has ruled that Utilities Director Robert Davis decided to fire the employees before they even had a chance to defend their actions in a disciplinary hearing.

The arbitrator was even more critical of Cleveland Public Power's Labor Relations Manager Frances Paster.

The arbitrator ruled that Paster's investigation was "cursory at best, relying nearly entirely on the Cleveland 19 investigation. Making little effort to interview witnesses or provide proof to substantiate the allegations."

The arbitrator goes on to say the city failed to conduct a thorough, comprehensive or fair investigation to independently prove the misconduct in our report.

If they had, it's likely the snoozing city workers would not have been rehired, or received an estimated $95,000 in back pay.

Clearly, someone at Cleveland Public Power was asleep at the switch, and CPP customers are now paying the price.

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