Avon Lake is always prepared for snow storms after building storage barn for salt

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Two years ago Avon Lake decided that building a large storage barn for salt would pay for itself over time.

Turns out city leaders were correct.

The $150,000 facility can hold 3,000 tons of salt, three times what the city could store in the past.

That has allowed the city to buy salt when prices are low, fill the barn and store it.

It also eliminates penalties charged by salt companies.

When a city orders salt they are required to take 90 percent of the order.

If they don't, the salt company charges them storage, even if the salt is still in the ground according to Mayor Greg Zilka.

Service Director Joe Reitz said he can buy salt during slow times even during winter.

When snow arrives the demand goes up as other city's try to keep up with salt usage and have to order salt.

The bottom line to the story is that they have had no shortages, have plenty on hand and room for more when prices decline.

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