Skiers and snowboarders head to slopes after heavy snow

BOSTON TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - We're on the downhill slopes of skiing season.

That didn't stop a large crowd of kids and their parents from heading to Boston Mills Ski Resort on Friday.

"I think everybody was really happy to get another day of ski club. It's pretty crowded today," said Amie Dimalanta, who came with a local kids' ski club.

For a lot of skiers and snowboarders, the excitement started Thursday night.

"Once I heard that it started snowing, I was like, oh I can't wait for tomorrow, because it's going to be perfect, which it is," said Olivia Senthil, who says she just picked up the sport.

"I really love it, so I'm going to miss it a lot during the summer," she said.

Boston Mills Ski Resort officials say February was far from ideal for winter sports. High temperatures, high winds, and high temperatures all added up to difficult conditions for snow to fall and accumulate.

They sometimes fire up the ski guns later in the season, hoping to stretch out the season a little longer.

"I think the kids were a lot more excited about it than I was," said Laura Calo, who brought her kids to the slopes. "I did have to shovel this morning before I left, but that was okay. It's always nice to have a last snowfall, hopefully the last, one of the last, big snowfalls. It's beautiful."

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