Painesville hosts educational discussion about immigration

PAINESVILLE, OH (WOIO) - With no decision on immigration in our country, there are still several questions.

"I am concerned with their welfare. A lot of the people that I know that I've worked with on various church things, the ones from Mexico, not all of them are documented," Ed Zivkovich said.

Zivkovich and his family have lived in Painesville for decades.  He says many of the members at his catholic church are undocumented, and fear for their future.

"They are afraid. I know some people are afraid to drive somewhere because they might be pulled over for a minor traffic violation, they didn't use a turn signal, and if it is found out they are not here and documented, they could be deported," Zivkovich said.

"As far as we know, there are some undocumented immigrants here, but we aren't sure what that looks like or what that number is," Painesville City Manager Monica Irelan said.

The city of Painesville held an educational discussion so everyone knows what the current laws are, and how it will impact their community.

"We're just trying to educate what that means for those residents who came here and stayed, but may not be documented," Irelan said.

Meanwhile others came to a meeting held by the city just to learn more about the debate. A police officer, law professor, sociologist and immigration attorney sat on a panel to answer questions.

"There are a variety of people in this area. I am hoping to hear both sides of it," Painesville resident Barry Deane said.

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