FirstEnergy working to restore power

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Crews from First Energy have been working hard all day on Saturday to get power outages repaired.

"When the weather gets bad, most people go inside,"FirstEnergy Representative Mark Durbin said.

Thursday night's blizzard toppled down multiple power lines, thousands have been in the dark. It's not just impacting families who may be in the cold, but drivers as well with inoperable traffic lights.

"These are major intersections. All of these lights are out. You would think that they had it done already," Cleveland resident Adam Cole said.

Durbin said nearly all employees have been hard at work, trying get things back to normal.

"We're doing the best that we can and our employees have been really working so hard from the very beginning," said Durbin.

Crews even had to call in assistance from other brands of the company like Toledo Edison.

"Right now we're in a situation where it might take seven trucks going to make a repair that might normally bring 20 customers back on," Durbin said.

Speaking of Customers, the number of Northeast Ohio homes without power has dropped significantly since crews have been hard at work to take care of the problem.

"When the storm came through it caused about 80,000 customers to lose power. We've worked that number down to about 4,000," Durbin said.

Durbin said FirstEnergy won't stop until every home is back in power.

"We'll keep working until every customer is back on," Durbin concluded.

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