St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland will be crazier than normal this year

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - There are a number of factors, when added up, point to a crazier St. Patrick's Day in Cleveland then usual.

The main one is the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships taking place at Quicken Loans Arena March 15-17, the same weekend as St. Patrick's Day.

"Approximately 30,000 are expected to be downtown for the NCAA DI Wrestling Championships. The Championships will take place in front of sold-out crowds attending six sessions at Quicken Loans Arena," according to Meredith Painter who is the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

For the three days of the tournament, there are two sessions of wrestling. One in the morning and one in the evening.

That leaves several hours in between each session when wrestling fans will pour out of the Q and into downtown bars and restaurants, and yes that includes St. Patrick's Day.

"For those who traditionally come downtown, they should be prepared for the larger crowds from the DI Wrestling Championships," Kristen Jantonio, Communications Specialist for Destination Cleveland said.

That means 30,000 wrestling fans could mix in with what might be massive crowds attending the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Weather is the number one factor when looking at attendance numbers for the parade. The second factor is which day of the week it falls on.

"Generally speaking, if the weather is nice on a weekday parade, we can expect between 300,000-400,000 spectators," according to Shannon Corcoran with the Cleveland's St. Patrick's Day Parade Commission.

It was 2012 when Cleveland had the perfect storm, so to speak, and may have set attendance records.

"However, the last time the parade was held on a Saturday, the weather was exceptional (approx. 70 °F). The official crowd estimate was between 500,000-600,000 people.

Two blocks away from the parade route is the NCAA Fan Fest being held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, Hall A. This is free and open to the public exhibition of all things Cleveland and wrestling history.

Along with the added madness to downtown comes a nice boost to Cleveland's economy.

"NCAA DI Wrestling Championships is expected to bring in approximately $15 million in economic impact," Painter said.


NCAA Wrestling Division I Championship


March 15-17


Quicken Loans Arena

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