Perry High School students treated after becoming sick from eating candy

PERRY TOWNSHIP, OH (WOIO) - Police and paramedics in Perry Township are investigating after 20 students fell ill at Perry High School Wednesday morning.

Five of those students were taken to local hospitals. The victims are a mix of 9th-12th graders.

Investigators contacted the parents of the kids who got sick, according to police.

"It's just wild. It needs to stop. That's all that needs to be said really," said student Jacob Metzger.

"I don't know exactly what they did with the candy. But it's hurting children. I know that. I just wish that we could get back to the basics and that parents would take more time with their children, get rid of the technology," said Lisa Marino, who has a daughter that attends Perry.

Assistant Superintendent Nathan Stutz says the students became sick after eating some sort of candy.

"We are working closely with authorities to fully investigate the situation. Upon the findings of the investigation, appropriate disciplinary and legal action will be taken, if deemed necessary," said Stutz.

Perry Township Police said the chewable candy was in a clear bag and not in the original packaging.

The candy was taken to the Stark County Crime Lab for immediate analysis.

No word yet if the person who brought the candy was among those taken to the hospital.

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