Lakewood will beef up security after recent carjackings

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - After a series of robberies and carjackings Lakewood city leaders are making plans to beef up security.

"The recent spate of robberies that resulted in cars being stolen is very serious. While it is not uncommon for certain crimes to occur in waves, often by the same perpetrator, public safety is never taken for granted in Lakewood," a news release from Lakewood said.

Addressing this trend will require a multifaceted approach, according the release.

Strategies to improve safety include:

  • We will engage in multi-jurisdictional collaboration with the county prosecutor, sheriff, and other municipal police forces, especially Cleveland.
  • We will perform more focused patrols in likely hotspots.
  • We will work with private property owners where these crimes have occurred to improve electronic and human surveillance, improve lighting and remove any barriers that create blind spots and hiding places.
  • Near-term improvements included expanding the existing 46 public surveillance cameras by adding 14 more cameras at the remaining Detroit Avenue intersections this year. We will increase coverage to every Madison Avenue intersection in 2019, and ultimately cover every exit from our city.

"We already have 48 cameras in the city and public locations.  We have a plan to increase Detroit Avenue, 14 more cameras this year and that will have coverage from 117th to Rocky River along Detroit Avenue, " Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley said.

The cameras are constantly recording so scene video won't look like the usual aftermath shots. The video can be backed up to the time of a crime.

Our crew had been at the Aldi lot earlier as officers responded to a complaint of panhandlers being overly aggressive.

Chief Malley was able to back up to that point to show the men, and even our crew watching them.

"They're looking for a target that they can single out and prey on," Chief Malley said.

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