Is there enough beer in Cleveland for St. Patrick's Day and NCAA Wrestling Tournament on same weekend?

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - In just about a week 30,000 to 40,000 college wrestling fans will venture into Cleveland for the NCAA Championship Tournament being held at Quicken Loans Arena and most of them love to drink beer.

The tournament runs from March 15-17, which also happens to be St. Patrick's Day weekend where thousands of Clevelanders will descend on downtown who also love beer.

John Lane is an owning partner of the Winking Lizard franchise, which has two locations in downtown, and he said they have been warned.

"We've been told that this is the biggest event the Q has ever had, for this period of time, so we are loaded for bear," Lane said.

The Winking Lizard has also thought about staffing for the long weekend.

They have the good fortune of having multiple locations around Northeast Ohio that can send staff to downtown.

With the two events colliding like over-flowing beer mugs, even the beer distributors are taking added steps.

"Beer distributors know what's going on as well so they are ready to go," Lane said. "Including having trucks placed downtown with beer, ready to support the retailers."

This same set of events played out last year in St. Louis where the tournament was held.

"Absolutely crazy, insane," is how Alicia Binford described it who is a bartender at Maggie O'Brien's in downtown St. Louis. "Really nuts, out of control."

To clarify Binford was describing the size of the crowds in her bar and the amount of beer they went through and not the fans themselves.

"They were really polite. We didn't have any problems. No fights. Really nice crowd," Binford said.

There is one factor that helped St. Louis handle everything. Their St. Patrick's Day Parade is not held in its downtown.

In Cleveland both events will be talking place about five blocks from each other.

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