Chained up dog beaten with a brick in Lorain

LORAIN, OH (WOIO) - The Lorain Police Department is investigating after a dog was found bloodied and hurt after being hit with a brick.

"All up under his chin, his whole face and everything was bloody and I called the police because somebody threw a brick, the brick was still back there," said the dog's owner, Vonetta McLemore.

McLemore said she's angry, upset and scared for her dog's safety after someone hit the 2-year-old American Bulldog with a brick while he was chained up outside her home.

"They really shouldn't have tried to cause him any harm because he wasn't trying to bite nobody or injury nobody," she said.

McLemore said her dog, Ghost, is harmless.

"He's a big baby, he loves to play, just a very good, generous dog. He's just our big baby boy," she said.

Saturday afternoon McLemore chained her dog up outside her home on Brownell Avenue. She said she left for about 15 minutes and when she came home she found Ghost hurt and covered in his own blood.

McLemore believes someone hit him with a brick and she doesn't know why.

"It upsets me a lot because I could see if he was loose and he came up on somebody and they felt threatened, but for him to be chained up, just barking, like, that's what dogs do. That was uncalled for," she said.

McLemore believes someone in her Lorain neighborhood may have done it. She said people have complained in the past about Ghost's barking, but no one ever hurt him before.

"He a dog, he barks, he like to play, he's a big baby, but he's never really off the leash," she said.

McLemore said Ghost normally stays in the house and she's afraid to let him out of her sight

"I could walk away and what if, boom, somebody almost hit him again," she said.

The Lorain police officer who responded to the scene confirmed Ghost was hurt and there was blood coming from his mouth following the incident.

Police documented what happened in case something else happens again.

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