Embattled Brunswick business mum after bilking former employees

BRUNSWICK, OH (WOIO) - Workers at Kasidonis Heating and Cooling in Brunswick are waiting for back pay that the business reportedly owes them. 

A month ago, June Kasidonis said she was working out a plan to pay the back wages for a group of workers who came to Cleveland 19 for help after not being paid for weeks.

"I'm glad you stopped by because I always say my door is always open, and I'd be glad to explain at any time," said Kasidonis at the time.

However, when Cleveland 19 approached the embattled Brunswick HVAC business on Thursday, Kasidonis disappeared into a back room.

Former employee Janice Baumann contacted several agencies for help.

She even tried the Cleveland Department of Labor.

"We filed a complaint back in August with them. They did absolutely nothing until your broadcast (in) the middle of February about our plight, and then they opened and closed our case in one day," she said. "He told me he phoned Mrs. Kasidonis and she told him not only that she hasn't ever heard of me, that I never worked for her and he asked me if I was prank calling him."

An internet ad for the company clearly shows Kasidonis and Baumann in the same photo.

The workers' troubles may be growing as it seems some income taxes withheld by the company weren't forwarded to the IRS, leaving the workers on the hook for payment of taxes including amounts already withheld.

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