Cleveland Pickle closes sandwich shops

Cleveland Pickle closes sandwich shops
Cleveland Pickle is closing downtown. (Source: Cleveland Pickle)
Cleveland Pickle is closing downtown. (Source: Cleveland Pickle)

At the time, six years ago, they were one of the first businesses to move into downtown Cleveland after the Great Recession and take a chance.

Opened by a young couple, Josh and  Kiaran Kabat, they quickly made their sandwiches and homemade pickles favorites for downtown workers.

Announced on Facebook today, they are closing up to focus on something else.

"If you haven't heard we decided to close our sandwich shop to focus and evolve strictly into a retail pickle and product development company," the page of "Dilly McDillson" said, also accompanied by Kiaran.

Not even the reconstruction of the Schofield Building could keep the customers away.

"We survived being covered by scaffolding for two years and you helped us become one of the busiest and most beloved lunch places downtown, but it was time to move on and move up!" the post said.

After success in downtown the couple expanded into a shop in Lakewood but that too has closed.

While you may not be able to get a sandwich any longer it sounds like there may be pickles in the future.

"Our little break from social media was just what the doctor ordered, but we are back and ready to take over the pickle industry just like we did with our sandwich operation."

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