BOLO Stick: Company selling device to help prevent school shooters from getting into classrooms

WARREN, OH (WOIO) - We're talking about school security.

It is still top of mind for many parents after local and national school shootings.

As schools continue to look for way to keep everyone safe, one local company says, it has a product that could help.

Advocates of BOLO Stick say the device has the power to prevent an shooter from breaking down the door at school.

"We provide a barricade to prevent unwanted entry into the room," said founder, Bill Barna.

The former police officer invented it as a way to keep students and teachers safe in their classrooms. Here's how it works:

"Simply close the door and drop the steel pin into the hole. What it does is protects the door from being opened up, pushed or pried," said Barna.

Warren City schools installed the BOLO Stick on all classroom doors last year.

None of the schools in the district have ever had a shooting incident.

Each BOLO stick is about $59 per device, which can add up.

The district spent about $25,000-$30,000.

"We looked at our budget and decided where we were gonna find that money to reducing a cost here and there and then prioritizing," said Steve Chiaro, Superintendent of Warren City School District. "There is no price tag that you can put on the safety of our students and staff," he said.

CBS News reports that researchers say school shootings are happening at a rate of about one a week. Some of the shootings are accidental, some are suicide, like the incident at Jackson Middle School last month.

School administrators say it's better to be proactive then reactive and BOLO Stick provides a peace of mind to teachers, parents and students.

"We believe this is the best of the best, it's the least expensive, it's easy to put in and it saves lives," J.R. Suppes, President of the DriveMind Group. "I hope we sell a million of them and none of them ever get used," he said.

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