Some dread losing hour as daylight saving time approaches

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Tonight we'll be turning the clocks forward for daylight savings time.

But the change can be a hassle for some.

In fact, earlier this week Florida law makers voted to do away with daylight saving time all together.

"I hate losing an hour of sleep. It's not fun," Elroy Perkin said.

As we turn the clocks forward, It's not something that people aren't necessarily looking forward too.

"Especially when you've got something to do the next day. You feels it. Your body feels it," said Elroy Perkin.

Perkin is in town for a wrestling tournament. He said the change couldn't have happened at a worse time.

"It comes into effect when you're doing sports. You get less sleep. We wake up at five or six to go to our flight tomorrow so that might have some effect on our travel trying to get back home," Perkin said.

Experts suggest going to sleep an hour early, so you can wake up the next day well rested.

"I like it being lighter earlier. But I don't enjoy losing the hour of sleep," Juliette Larsen said.

But you'll be able to enjoy more hours of the sun. That's at least until it's time to change the hands of time again.

Fire officials also recommend changing the batteries in your smoke alarm during the time change as well.

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