People on alert in Lakewood after recent carjackings

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - People heading out to bars and clubs in Lakewood on Saturday night, are on alert after a string of carjackings.

The latest one, Thursday night, along the very busy West 117th street.

There have been eight so far in Lakewood just since the end of January of this year

"Always, always. I live in Detroit Shoreway in Cleveland and you've got to be, I don't care where you are," Debby Kitchel said.

Kitchel and her husband were meeting family for a dinner out. She said she didn't know about the recent rash of carjackings.

"No, as long as I"m not in the car, I'm not concerned," Kitchel said.

The latest happened Thursday night.

Tyshawn Blair saw it happen.

"I heard him screaming, I just happened to look out the window and I saw two black young boys just jumping him," Blair said.

A 66 year-old man was cleaning off his car, when he was approached by two suspects.

Aubrey Knight was meeting up with friends and says she always considers Lakewood a very safe place.

"This is Lakewood. Lakewood is known to be a safer city.  Now I'm even apprehensive about parking right here, right now," Knight said.

Police said they area looking to add 14 more cameras to the Detroit Avenue area, but investigators said the carjackers are targeting people by themselves.  He suggests walking in groups.

"Make noise, yell at someone and try to scare them off because they really don't want to get involved in group situations," Chief Tim Malley said.

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