Pet ambulance; the first of its kind in Ohio gives pets a fighting chance

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - When humans have an emergency, we all know what to do; you call 911 and an ambulance shows up. But what do you do when your beloved pet is in dire need of medical attention?

You can now call Squad FiftyOne, believed to be the first medical pet transport in Ohio.

Yalanda Medina, of Cleveland, started Squad FiftyOne after having her own medical emergency with her Yorkshire Terrier, Bruiser.

"I just raced to the vet at like five or six in the morning - just crying and in tears - wishing I had someone to help me. I just thought it was so traumatic for me. I just kept thinking about it, 'This is so stupid. There has got to be a better way,'" described Medina.

Close to two years later, the medical transport company now has three vehicles spread out in the Cleveland area, on standby, waiting for the next emergency call.

"We can come and do triage. We can do wound care. We can do intubation. We can help with respiratory distress and things like that. Most of what we do is help people get their animals back and forth to regular and routine appointments," said Medina.

Squad FiftyOne also transports pets in between medical facilities.

Connie Price, of Chardon, recently found out how important it was to have a service that will transport your pet in medical distress. Her kitten, Roo, went into cardiac arrest after a routine spaying. Roo needed to be transported to a pet hospital in order to have a shot at surviving, but she wasn't breathing on her own, and couldn't be taken in a regular car.

That's when Yalanda Medina and Squad FiftyOne showed up.

"There was this beautiful, compassionate, wonderful Yalanda person who was there to take our kitten," said Price.

Unfortunately, Roo did not make it, but Price says she's so thankful that Squad FiftyOne was there.

"It was just so wonderful to have this beautiful person and her company there for us. It's something you don't know you need until you actually need it," added Price.

Everyone on the staff of Squad FiftyOne is certified in pet CPR and first aid.
Routine transport starts at $65 round trip. Emergency transport is $165 inside the county.

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