Thousands flood Cleveland's West Side to find elusive 'Queen of Hearts'

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Greater Clevelanders are ready, so ready they are actually lining up, outside, in frigid temperatures, to buy tickets for the next Grayton Road Tavern Queen of Hearts raffle.

The raffle is now in its 51st week with no winner and a pot that has grown to more than $5 million.

The Grayton Road Tavern could not handle the crush of people wanting to buy tickets, so other local taverns have stepped in to help and they have ended up with restaurants full of people for their efforts.

The Harry Buffalo in Highland Heights is packed from the moment they open until close with people coming in to eat, have a cocktail and buy some tickets for the next drawing.

Steve McAdams, the manager of the restaurant, told us that people have come in from New York state to the east and Indiana to the west.

One person came in and bought 2,000 tickets at a dollar apiece.

"This is a complete and total anomaly, this raffle has been crazy. I've been in busy restaurants before, but I've never seen anything like this," he said.

The game has a simple premise: you buy a ticket and write your name on the back along with the number of the card, 1 to 54 -- the game includes 52 playing cards plus the two jokers -- that you believe is the Queen of Hearts.

If your ticket is picked from the hopper, the folks at the Grayton Road Tavern will turn over the number of the card you wrote on the back of the ticket.

If it's the Queen of Hearts, you are a winner.

For 50 weeks no one has picked the Queen of Hearts and that has led to a pot that will seemingly be over $5 million.

Cleveland 19 will be streaming the drawing and big reveal live Wednesday, on Facebook, our app, on ROKU and Fire TV.

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