Part of Kalahari Resorts water park reopens day after ductwork falls, injures 5 people

Accident at Kalahari Resort. (Source: Viewer)
Accident at Kalahari Resort. (Source: Viewer)

SANDUSKY, OH (WOIO) - Kalahari Resorts officials expect to reopen a portion of the indoor water park Tuesday, but the area where a piece of HVAC ductwork fell from the ceiling and injured five people below will remain closed.

According to local authorities, five people suffered minor injuries from the faulty ductwork. Two of the victims are resort employees.

The incident occurred Monday afternoon, and guests and swimmers were immediately evacuated from the pool as engineers and resort officials examine the ductwork.

"ODA does not inspect or have any oversight of HVAC systems as part of our regulations. Kalahari has shut down their pools and once they make contact with us with the intention to reopen ODA will inspect the aquatic rides for any ancillary issues," said a representative from the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The ODA oversees ride safety in the state.

Kalahari officials released a statement Monday evening regarding the incident:

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions' top priority is the safety and security of our guests. Earlier this afternoon [March 12], there was an isolated incident in the indoor waterpark where a piece of HVAC ductwork fell from the ceiling. At this time, we know that three guests and two associates sustained minor injuries. The guests declined transport and the associates were voluntarily transported for medical care and treated and released. Kalahari's extensive and thorough safety protocols assisted in identifying the issue and evacuating the waterpark immediately. The waterpark is currently closed, as engineers, staff and officials are on site conducting an investigation to determine what caused the break. The waterpark will re-open when all safety regulations are not only met, but exceeded.

Two of the victims were briefly hospitalized, while the other three refused emergency medical attention.

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