Massillon residents outcry finally heard after two years of no mail delivery

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - Walnut Hills was a World War II complex in Massillon, built to give returning veterans a place to get back to normal.

Mail here is dropped off at cluster boxes.

So why when two boxes got knocked over did mail delivery stop?

Sue Merritt has worked to find the answer for months.

"I was patient, you know, all of us were. How long has it been, two years," she asked.

Merritt wants to know why two concrete pads near her home, where mailboxes used to stand, have remained empty for so long.

She said nothing changed no matter what they suggested to the Massillon Post Office.

"We even offered, let us buy our own mailboxes and put them at the end of our driveways and just bring us our mail. Yeah. They won't let us do that either."

Merritt and others have to go to the post office in downtown Massillon to get mail.

The mail piles up quickly and she sorts through all of it when she gets home.

"We go down every couple weeks and pick it up."

She has missed appointments as a result. Many of her neighbors are Guatemalian and don't speak English, at times she feels she has fought the fight alone.

Cleveland 19 contacted the Regional Post Office in Cleveland where David Van Allen said the delay was due to weather conditions and waiting for the new boxes to be ordered and delivered.

Even with that Sue saw a ray of hope today.

A postal worker saying "Yeah, about an hour ago. And what did it have on it? It had the mail stations on it. They didn't put 'em up. I don't know what they're doing."

Van Allen says help will be on the way by the end of the month, adding  "We apologize for the delay and thank the affected residents for their patience."

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