Teens will be charged as adults for shooting at, robbing Cleveland priest

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A priest, tending to his church's chickens, was robbed and shot at last year.

Three of the juveniles accused of the crimes were in court Tuesday.

"I'm laying in the parking lot thinking this is how it is going to end," said Fr. John Kumse.

In December, Kumse, 65, of St. Mary of the Assumption Church, was out collecting eggs when he saw teens run by.

"It was odd, I just started to look all around. You get a gut feeling that something just isn't right," Fr. Kumse said.

He explained in court what when through his mind as the teens approached him, pointed a gun at him and fired.

It was all captured on surveillance video.

"When I turned to run, I heard a shot. I was thinking, my gosh, they are shooting at me. I just kept running," Fr. Kumse said.

Kumse tried to yell for help, as he says the teens continued to follow him.

"I heard another shot. Right before I fell, I heard a shot, then as I'm laying there there was one more shot. I'm thinking, I wasn't hit," Fr. Kumse said.

When police searched the house where the teens were staying, they found two guns.

The judge decided that two of the three teens will be charged as adults. Another teen will remain in juvenile court.

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