Sorry green thumbs, relentless winter stalls spring planting

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - As Old Man Winter continues to dig his heels in Northeast Ohio, most would rather buy firewood than start digging in an ice cold garden.

However, for all those horticultural enthusiasts, Carol Bohr, of Gale's Westlake Garden Center, said they have a plant that can handle the cold.

"This is primrose, and it doesn't mind the cold weather. And pansies, they don't mind the cold, either."

Carol says there aren't many plants that can sustain this freezing weather.

"I still recommend right now that you do them in containers, so you can move them in and out and control them better the ground is just too cold right now," she said.

Other annuals aren't even in stock.

Gardeners can start seeding, so long as it's indoors.

For some plants it takes about six weeks before you can plant outside.

Kevin Fillinger said your flowering trees and shrubs can be pruned now,

"When you have a bare branch you're going to see the new bud on that branch, so you'll be able to tell and what you want to do is go above the bud and you want to cut above the bud," he said.

All other trees and shrubs should wait.

Pruning too early can ruin your trees. You can do prep work like they do at the nurseries.

Clean out your beds, prepare them but don't turn the soil.

You want to wait until the ground is no longer frozen.

Carol says they have to be patient, and so do we.

"We just have to wait for nature to take its course and see where it takes us," she said.

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