Cleveland Police release video of reunion after carjacking with child inside

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Imagine how scary it would be to have your car stolen.

Now think about how it would feel to know your 5 year-old nephew was in the car.

In just released video, we see the emotional reunion between the little boy and his family, after a carjacking last month.

"Do you know who took it? No, that's my son in the car!" You can hear Sierra Mason say in police body camera video.

It was the middle of the afternoon when Mason stopped at a gas station on Lee and Harvard.  She ran inside, and her 5-year-old nephew stayed outside in the car.

"The person just jumped in?  He just jumped in as soon as I walked in the gas station," Mason explained to police.

The suspect took off with the 5 year-old in the car.  The child was dropped off in the middle of the street, about a mile down the road near 140th Street and Glendale Avenue.

"I'm walking down the street, and I asked him, was he lost? He said yes," said a man who helped the little boy.  "From all the way on Glendale, he was running up the street."

He asked if the boy knew his mom's number, and could call her.

"Did the man say anything to you? He just told you to get out?" Police asked the child.

Moments later Cleveland Police drove the back to his house, for what is probably the best hug that mom has ever received.

The vehicle was found, and two people were arrested.

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