South Euclid Police start training with tourniquets

SOUTH EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Police in South Euclid are getting training on a new piece of technology, one that could save lives. The tourniquet.

Joe Di Lillio, Public Information Officer for South Euclid Police, says the department has been training with the tourniquets this week.

They're small enough to fit into an officer's duty belt.

A tourniquet is used to stop the flow of blood from the heart from escaping through an open wound.

In case of a life-threatening injury, like a gunshot wound, the tourniquet can be applied on the limb, closer to the heart. That will help prevent more blood loss.

You can fashion your own tourniquet out of bandages, but that takes time, in situations where time can be the difference between life and death.

That's why Di Lillo said his department wanted to use them.

"Anything that can best assist that officer to save someone's life is something that's welcomed by the officers on our department," he said.

The police department trains with Euclid on a regular basis on other life-saving practices, including CPR. This just adds another tool, he said.

"They're send on a call where an individual sustained a serious injury, contacting medical professionals, waiting for response, sometimes you have to, but if the officer has the ability, through the use of a tourniquet, to apply those life-saving techniques right off the bat, and possibly save someone's life, that's very important," De Lillo said.

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