Woman robbed at gunpoint, forced into own trunk

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two men with guns ordered a woman out of her car on Cleveland's west side. She says they robbed her, stripped her, and forced her into her own trunk.

"I had a feeling in my heart that it was just weird."

The woman, we'll call Jennifer, did not want to show her face or use her real name.  She says it was Saturday evening of St. Patrick's day, and she was on her way to see friends. She pulled off to the side of the road near 104th and Western so she could check her phone.

"A guy came to the car he knocked on the passenger side of the car," she explained.

She told the guy to leave, she then realized he wasn't alone.

"As soon as I went to move my foot on the break, there was a boom, then there was a guy on my side with a gun," she said.

They forced her out of her car, and into a nearby house. They made her lay on the ground, with a gun at her head.  They demanded pin codes for bank cards, and tried to call her friends to bring more money.

"I feel it in my head, I'm about to die," she said.

She says that's when they decided to take her out, and put her in her own trunk.  She says she talked to herself from inside the trunk to calm down and find a way out.

"I looked, there was the yellow thing hanging down, and on that thing was a man pulling it and hopping out," she said.

She was able to get the trunk open, jump out at the McDonald's near 110th and Lorain, about a mile from where it all started.  People in the area ran to help her.

"Everyone started coming around, and he left my car," she said.

Jennifer says she is fearful the two men are going to come back after her.  So far Cleveland police have not made any arrests.

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