Massillon residents reach resolution after losing mail delivery for 2 years

MASSILLON, OH (WOIO) - It would be hard to go without your mail being delivered for two years, but that is exactly what some people in Massillon have had to endure.

Through rain, snow and the dark of night, they've had to travel to the post office to get their mail.

That is, until "Orlo Wants to Know" started asking questions.

About 10 days ago, Sue Merritt posted about the problem and said "I was patient, you know, all of us were. How long has it been? Two years."

In her neighborhood, four rusty bolts sticking out of a concrete pad used to hold a mailbox, but after a car knocked it over, no replacement appeared.

Sue says a lot of excuses from the post office cropped up.

"We even offered: let us buy our own mailboxes and put them up at the end of our driveways and just bring us our mail. They won't let us do that either."

The situation meant trips downtown for neighbors to pick up their mail. Sue can't go every day so it piles up.

Just two days after our report, Sue pointed out what appeared, "We now have a mailbox. Aren't they beautiful? You guys were awesome because it did help.  They were out here."

There is one problem remaining: there are no keys yet and box numbers haven't been assigned.

The post office says a letter was mailed to everyone telling them to bring an ID and pick up a new key.

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