Texas authorities identify bombing suspect who detonated explosive device, died during officer-involved shooting

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Police say the suspect who is connected to the string of recent explosions in the Austin, Texas area died after detonating a device in his car as officers approached.

Austin Chief of Police Brian Manley says authorities began focusing on a person of interest within the past 24 to 26 hours. Investigators later determined that the person is a suspect, later identified as Mark Anthony Conditt. He is believed to be connected to several recent bombings and package explosions.

Police surrounded a hotel in the Austin area last Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning after Conditt's vehicle was located.

While waiting for the SWAT team to arrive, Conditt started to drive away.

Police attempted to stop the vehicle. When he pulled over, he detonated an explosive device inside the car as officers approached.

The explosion knocked one officer back. Another officer then opened fire on the suspect.

Chief Manley did not say if Conditt died as a result of the explosion of officer's gunshots.

Conditt is described as a 24-year-old white male. Investigators cannot say for certain whether the suspect acted alone.

The series of bombings in and near Austin, Texas started on March 2. The most recent explosion was reported March 20.

Two people lost their lives and five others suffered injuries in the incidents.

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