Cavs guard Jordan Clarkson on his belief that dinosaurs were pets of really large humans (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - We caught up with Jordan Clarkson to talk about his progression with the team; his love of Fortnite, and of course dinosaurs.

For those of you a little lost, Fornite: Battle Royale is the multiplayer survival game taking over the web.

It's a competitive shooter game between 100 players as they air-drop out of a moving plane and then fight to survive as the play space slowly shrinks.

Initially released late July 2017, the game is gaining popularity with millions, catching the attention of artists like Drake and Travis Scott.

Clarkson uploaded a picture of him playing online yesterday. When asked if he plays with teammates he mentioned he's in the process of recruiting.

We're all for it, as long as it works. Team bonding, right?

About the dinosaurs

Clarkson, (averaging 18.7 points in his last three games) went viral two days ago after talking about some conspiracy theories he held to be true.

The Cavs' guard shocked the world with a few brilliant hypotheses on the latest "Road Trippin" podcast:

CLARKSON: I don't believe in dinosaurs either. Well, actually I do. I believe that, OK this is going to get a little bit crazy. I'm gonna take y'all a little left on this. Y'all know how we got dogs and stuff, right? So I think there was bigger people on the world before us, and like the dinosaurs was their pets.

FRYE: So how big were these people?

CLARKSON: Well, you look at a dinosaur — they might be three times bigger than them.

Yes, you heard right. According to Clarkson, those beasts roamed around on leashes in prehistoric times.

But that isn't his only conspiracy. On the podcast he also talked about his belief in aliens and that the moon landing in 1969 was indeed faked.

"They just needed something to believe in back then," he said.

Cavs' fans need something to believe in tonight, as we take on the top-seeded Raptors. The game tips off at 7 p.m.

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