This weather is for the birds, particularly the Arctic gulls at Edgewater Beach (video)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The first few days of spring in Cleveland is for the birds, unless you're a birdwatcher at Edgewater Beach and the Arctic gull is enough bounty to brave high winds and temperatures in the 30s.

Tremont birdwatcher Chuck Slusarczyk Jr. was literally the only person on the beach Wednesday afternoon, the second day of spring 2018. With a wind chill of 24, most people stayed away.

Slusarczyk, wrapped in winter attire, strapped with a professional camera and lens, clicks away at the flock of seagulls making a racket along the water's edge.

"I like winter," he admitted. "I know a lot of people wish it was warmer but I'm going to miss the cooler temperatures."

The avid gull watcher praises the Cleveland destination as a great place to seek out seagulls.

Slusarczyk rattles off the species that can be found in Cleveland.

'Winter brings down different species from the Arctic," Slusarczyk explained. "I'm here doing my birding and I have some really interesting stuff here today."

Slusarczyk pulls his viewfinder up to his eye, fires off a few more shots and smiles wryly, satisfied he has the shot he came for.

While other motorists sit along the edge of the lake looking for spring Slusarczyk embraces the last of cold weather despite winter being officially over.

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