Cleveland dad and newborn marooned in Phoenix find saving grace

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Rubin Swift is back home, back on the job at Cleveland's Vienna Deli, and most importantly, his newborn daughter is safe and sound.

But it was not easy.

"I was like: what am I gonna do, no money, no place to go, I didn't know what I was going to do," said Swift.

Swift was at the Phoenix airport trying to get on a plane when he was told at the gate that Frontier Airlines policy requires babies to be at least seven days old to fly.

Ru-Andria was just four days old. He had just gained custody of the baby.

He was stuck.

Desperate, Swift called Joy Ringhofer, a hospital volunteer and a woman Swift had just met.

Ringhofer had offered to drive Swift and the baby to the airport and he hoped she may have an idea of where he could go for a few days until Ru-Andria was old enough to fly.

Ringhofer did have an idea, she offered to let Swift and the baby stay in her home.

"I had such a strong feeling that I needed to do this for him, and I know he was kind and safe man to have in my home. He has been a perfect gentleman," Ringhofer said.

A few days later, Swift and his baby were back at the airport, Frontier Airlines waived the flight change fees and this time Swift and Ru-Andria were on the plane and on their way home.

Swift will never forget the compassion shown by the woman Swift now calls Grandma Joy, "She accepted me as I was her family, there  was never a second guess for her to come and get me -- never."

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