Brecksville design students band together to aid troubled souls: Romona's Kids

BRECKSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - This Saturday is the March For Our Lives rally against gun violence, created and led by students from around the country after the school massacre in Parkland, Fla.

But some local teens brainstormed a different idea to help people suffering from mental illness or addiction.

Digital Design students at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center are making a positive change in the world.

They're selling paper chain links to raise money for the Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services of Cuyahoga and Summit Counties.

It's an issue that's affected many students at the school.

"I donated because there's someone in my family who I lost," said CVCC freshman Emily Scheel. "It's important to get the word out there and spread it that people have problems and I just wanted to help."

"I'm proud because I think mental health is a big issue in this country, and I think it's good to donate because the more money we collect, the more help we can get out," said CVCC Junior Greg Dobsch.

"I am very proud of these chain links, I believe we can get all the way down the hallway which was our goal," said CVCC Junior Hannah Lundgren.

If anyone wants to help, they can donate directly to the ADAMHS Foundation, or to the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center at 8001 Brecksville Road, Brecksville 44141.

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