LeBron James spends over $1 million a year to stay healthy

LeBron James spends over $1 million a year to stay healthy
(Source: AP Images)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A typical NBA star usually starts to slow down when they reach year 15, and that's if they even make it that far. But LeBron James isn't the typical player.

James is playing in his 15th season and is on track to play all 82 regular season games, but it comes at a price. The Cavs star reportedly spends between $1 million and $1.5 million a year to stay healthy.

According to Brian Windhorst at ESPN, James has a personal trainer that travels with him everywhere, despite the Cavs' training staff.

James was dealing with back issues, which have been repaired by the workout routine.

"He's had some pretty significant back problems," Windhorst said during an interview on ESPN's "Outside the Lines." He added, "So, he pays his [the trainer] salary, he pays for him to travel."

Windhorst said that James' home in Northeast Ohio has as much training equipment as some professional basketball teams have access to.

"He has hot tubs, he has cold tubs, he has a hyperbaric chamber, he gets personal liquid nitrogen treatments to reduce inflammation," says Windhorst.

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