Toys-R-Us customers shop before stores close for good

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - Parma Toys R Us shoppers are saying goodbye to the nation's largest independent toy seller, and most agree online sales was the impetus for the closing.

"We might order on the Amazon," young Macksimus Keeren said after a visit with his grandmother to the toy story which dates back to 1948. Keeran and his grandmother, Rebecca Keeran and younger brother Eddie had just emerged from the store. "We wanted to spend a little money before they go out of business," the grandmother said. "They don't have much left in there."

Toys R Us announced it will start liquidating its merchandise.

The Associated Press reported more than 700 stores in the country are scheduled to close.

"I'm so sad," said Cindy Gapp. "They always have what I want, the service is good, you never have any problems with anything, I'm really surprised. It's too bad its closing, its bad for Parma too."

In Parma customers were reporting long lines and empty shelves. "Its almost empty, it's pretty sad," Tiarra Yarber said.

About 30,000 people will lose their jobs when the doors close.

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