North Ridgeville Mayor said potholes in the city are a constant problem

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - More potholes seem to be popping up, especially with the weather getting better.

A local suburb is among those dealing with a shortage of the material to fill those holes.

"Every year they go through this and they just keep coming up," North Ridgeville Resident Donna Wright said.

It's something that Wright has been dealing with in North Ridgeville for decades.

"The potholes on this street are really bad. All over North Ridgeville, some look like their gonna break your tire right off your car if you hit them," said Wright.

North Ridgeville Mayor, David Gillock said city crews work nearly everyday to take care of the issue through a process called "Hot Patching", where recycled asphalt grindings are used to fill the holes.

"It's a constant problem. We've got three crews out most days when the weather allows," said Mayor Gillock.

But the weather seems to be the main problem as to why it may just a temporary fix rather than a permanent one.

"Every time it snows and the plows come down, of course the plow is gonna scrape up the patch that was just put down," said Wright.

Regardless, crews say they'll continue to repair the holes for as long as it takes.

"We're out here everyday patching if the weather permits. We have two crews that'll go out," said North Ridgeville worker,

"These aren't too bad. They keep up with them well here," said Wright.

If you'd like more information on how you can contact North Ridgeville City Hall about a pothole issue at (440) 353-0819.

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