Former Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student attends March For Our Lives rally in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For Leslie Nienaber,  the "March For our Lives" rally hits closer to home.

"You think about how you walked those halls and it's filled with blood. It's just sickening," said Nienaber.

Nienaber not only attended Stoneman Douglas High, but another high school involved in a mass shooting as well.

"I went to Stoneman Douglas High School and I also went to Chardon High School," said Nienaber.

She along with thousands of others took to the streets to say enough is enough.

"My school dress code is stricter than gun law. If there are people who are gonna yell at me for having holes in my jeans then you better yell at the people bringing guns into the schools," said attendee Grace U.

They're all hoping for a safer future.

"Kids that are in college, they're coming to school with guns and it's not good," said one child in attendance.

"I'm just scared about going to school because I don't want to get shot," said another child in attendance.

"I don't want to have a child and then everyday be worried about this happening to them, said Nienaber.

Protestors are just hopeful that their voices can be heard as hundreds of thousands across the country do the exact same thing.

"Congress Needs to Stand Up. Trump Needs to stand up. So many children are dying," said March attendee, Michelle Koehn.

"Protect everyone better. I don't care what laws have to be made or what has to be done. Just make the right decision for future families," said Nienaber.

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