Ohio leaders react to 'March For Our Lives' for stricter gun control

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was a scene all over the country; dozens of marches across the United States over the weekend. People are asking elected leaders, "What are you going to do about gun violence?"

Ohio's leaders say they want to see better background checks, and money for schools. Those are just a couple of proposals both Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown and Republican Senator Rob Portman, who worked together on the budget.

There's a strong focus on making sure background checks are complete with mental health and law enforcement records.

Money will go to local schools for early prevention programs, security cameras and school security improvements.

"We should expand background checks, for gun shows and internet sales. We should ban bump stocks that people didn't know about until the massacre in Vegas. We should close the loophole so if you are on the terrorist watch-list you can't get on a plane at the Cleveland or Akron Canton airport, but you can get a gun? That's just ludicrous," said Sen. Brown.

Sen. Portman co-sponsored the STOP School Violence Act with Senator Brown. Portman says he's happy to see two bipartisan safety initiatives in the federal budget.

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