Eggshelland, Easter display of thousands of hand-painted eggs, is back in Northeast Ohio

RICHMOND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - For decades, children and families around Lyndhurst made Ron Maniolo's house a big part of their Easter plans.

The Manolio Family spent nearly all year creating an intricate design on their lawn, made up of thousands and thousands of hand-painted eggs. They called it Eggshelland.

The elaborate display started with a cross, one made of thousands of multi-colored shells, which the family put on its lawn in 1957. Later, an Eater bunny, famous cartoon characters, and animals joined the figures created in eggshells.

In 2012, Ron Manolio died. His family said the 2013 Eggshelland display would be their last.

The Euclid Beach Boys stepped in, asking if they could take the remaining eggshells and try to keep the display going. Mrs. Manolio donated 16,000 eggshells to them.

Today, you can see 14,000 of them in the Eggshelland pop-up at Richmond Town Square.

"We'll never be able to do what the Manolio family did," said Joe Tomaro, one of the Euclid Beach Boys. "It's a matter of preserving the memories for generations to come."

Because the Manolio family never charged admission for their work, neither do the Euclid Beach Boys. The display if free and open to everyone at the mall, through the Saturday before Easter.

Tomaro says his joy comes from keeping this tradition alive for families around the Cleveland area.

"We've had people come from all over to see Eggshelland," he said.

On the Monday before Easter, that includes Jackie Lavrich. She was ten years old when her neighbor, Ron Manolio, created Eggshelland. Almost sixty years later, she's bringing her own grandchildren to see it, too.

"It's  something we love to do every year. When they said they were gonna stop it, we were all upset. we said, they gotta do something."

She says she's grateful the Euclid Beach Boys did.

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