Browns shouldn't bend It on Beckham

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - You could probably name two wide receivers better than Odell Beckham, Jr..

Julio Jones, and Antonio Brown.

Three if you count Gronk, a tight end. But the list stops there. So when the Giants, frustrated by their diva receiver and his contract demands, dangled their star wideout by saying they'd entertain trade talks, of course the Browns picked up the phone. The question is, should they immediately hang it up?

It's not that Beckham wouldn't immediately make the Browns better. And it's not like he wouldn't fit in. Our new receivers coach, Adam Henry, coached him with the Giants the past two seasons. The same Adam Henry who coached him, and Jarvis Landry, at LSU. And it didn't take Landry long to tweet out his welcome wagon today:

Landry then doubled-down in caps.

But do they want the high maintenance that comes with him? Think about it. The Giants, one of the best-run organizations in football, are so exhausted by some of the off-the-field stuff, including the video that sure seemed to include drugs a few weeks ago, that they're willing to part with a 25-year-old superstar who averaged 1,400 yards and 12 touchdowns a year his first three seasons before suffering an ankle injury last year.

Can the Browns, who are changing the culture and already have one troubled receiver, afford to spent $20 mil a year on another mercurial talent?

No. As good as he is, this isn't the right fit.

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