Maple Heights road crew outmatched against potholes; residents sound off

MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It has been a headache for drivers on Lee Road for years.

A pothole-pocked section of the road between Rockside and Turney Roads that doesn't seem to hold patch material.

Walter and Katherine Grzelewski came to Cleveland 19 for answers after being frustrated by their inability to get the problem solved.

"The whole street is potholes and part of it they told us is Bedford, the rest of it was Maple Heights."  As it turns out the section in question is in Maple Heights.

"I'm trying to watch the potholes. It's like I go to miss one and I hit another one. It was like really bad. It was like chuck hole city," said Katherine.

At the Maple Heights Service Department Paul Orlousky talked to Director Tony Ciresi who says he is trying to get the situation solved, but is hampered by having a department of only five street workers.

He says some holes were patched on Monday, but there is much to do.

He responded to the Grzelewski's complaints with a hopeful promise: "We're gonna keep filling the holes, hopefully this summer we do have a grinder. We'd like to grind down those joints and make that road smooth."

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