Barberton High School students rub elbows with mechanics to become better drivers

BARBERTON, OH (WOIO) - Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety says last year, 116 teens died from crashes on Ohio's roads.

In response, mechanics are making sure students are driving safe vehicles at Barberton High School.

With all the new technology in cars these days, the basics get lost and that puts drivers, especially teens, at risk of having problems.

Martin Eberhart is a  Barberton police and school resource officer at Barberton High School.

Kellie O'Riordan is from AAA. She drove in from Columbus to help test the students and their vehicles.

"They give us some feedback and we give them a report that shows how their cars fared. They can take that home to their parents," she said.

Making sure teens are driving safe vehicles is just one problem teens face while behind the wheel.

Research shows the more teens in a vehicle the higher the danger.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teen drivers ages 15 to 18 in Ohio accounted for more than 1,000 deaths over the past ten years.

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